Looking back over my shoulder: 2022 was a BIG internal shift for me, pulling myself out of full time contracts in advertising and marketing to well, go in, and reflect on my life and what inherent skills I really wanted to use in my working life: they are very close to who I am as a person so I know this is a good starting point, so time for a pivot, a change, who says you have to stay in the same industry year in year out? You can actually combine it all.

Change is integral to who I am, flexibility uncertainty and adaptability I eat for breakfast. Self-employed for over 10 years, I have managed to succeed without any capital investment ever, have just moved into an adjacent business of Executive Coaching and Mentoring after a diploma with Kingstown College.

I completed a 3 month brand consultancy stint with a team in Amsterdam and London to get a HUGE brand book out (and kept both parties calm and balanced under the pressure, an outstanding creative team may I add in Pico Group).

Continued my board work, let go of one DSPCA (I had to let go something but they will always be close to my heart).

Gained a big opp via Virgin Voyages to gain customers insights on their new cruises in both Miami and Ibiza with the super talented Melissa Curry, looking at all the new markets and what people are actually purchasing.

Created a training module with Kate O Moore for the The Indie List on How to Price Yourself Properly as a Freelancer – one of their most viewed sessions
Worked on a bank of Pro Bono Hours for IAPI – Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland with 5 advertising companies to coach their upcoming talent. A complete delight.

Finally I learned that the level of self promotion needed to succeed is high (although I would have a different word for it, could be the standard old Irish limiting beliefs holding me back! not one to show off – is it showing off?).

But not anymore…. 2023 I am ready for you!